Michele Shanklin is a personal trainer and entrepreneur based in Phoenix, AZ. She is the creator of Flourishing Fit, a health and fitness community that inspires women  to take control of their health, happiness, and lives. She specializes in helping women with thyroid disorders take the proper steps to take control of their diagnosis and still reach their goals.
Michele’s journey started back in the early 2000s with a knee injury. After physical therapy she entered into a fitness program to help regain her dancer’s stamina and strength. It was soon realized that Michele would never perform ballet at pre surgery levels but instead of falling into sadness she took to fitness competitions as a way to manage her emotions. Michele completed in several fitness competitions and trained many women to not only compete but also for modeling roles and wedding prep. After she retired from fitness competitions she began modeling with that career lasting several years. In typical Michele fashion when she was done with that she fond another love. This time powerlifting. Finding that moving large amounts of weight and overcoming extreme mental blocks was something she thouroughly enjoyed. It was through powerlifting that Michele started to find true balance…..or so she thought.

This is where her story changes. Michele slowly started gaining weight. So slight at first that she didn’t notice it. Then when she did she chalked it up to a cross country move and new job stress. It was only months later when she went to try to start losing it did she start to notice how off her body was. Progressing over the next two years Michele continued to gain weight, lose strength, lose hair, become incredibly anxious, depressed, and eventually dealt with debilitating panic attacks. It was after working with a top nutritionist that Michele admitted something was wrong. It took three doctors and almost another year bfore she had her diagnosis. Hashimoto’s.

Her doctor set her up on meds and although the emotional and mental symptoms went away the weight remained. No doctor could give her answers. So she researched, and tested, and struggled, and struggled some more until finally she figured it out.

She found the steps and the habits that helped her regain her life. Sharing them with friends she quickly realized that she stumbled upon what so many doctors were missing.

FFL started as a way for Michele to share her continuing journey, her passion for the habits that got her healthy, and the encourage women all over to take their health back.In 2019 she decided to take it public creating and IG account solely to document the journey and to connect with fellow thyroid warriors as well as developed a guide to getting your health back. All of this comes with Michele herself cheering women on in their journeys. Knowledge is power and Michele hopes to share the right knowledge to allow women with all sorts of health problems take control of the health and in turn their lives.
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