Designing Agricultural Research por Dr Ramesh Chandra Bharati,Anil Kumar Singh

April 8, 2020

Designing Agricultural Research por Dr Ramesh Chandra Bharati,Anil Kumar Singh
Titulo del libro : Designing Agricultural Research
Autor : Dr Ramesh Chandra Bharati,Anil Kumar Singh

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The book entitled Designing Agricultural Research focused on the conducting various field and laboratory related research mainly used in agriculture. The statistical techniques elaborated in this presentation are equally applicable in the field of biological research including veterinary, dairy, horticulture and medical sciences. This book has been written in a very simple language and the beauty of this presentation is the simplification of complex formula into simple one and easy to understand. Concept of each statistical design is elaborated with examples and clear terms. Suitability of a particular design in a given situation with pros and cons has also been dealt with. This book contains statistical design like Completely Randomized Design, Randomized Complete Block Design, Latin Square Design, Split Plot Design, Strip Plot Design and Factorial Experiments. Some chapters on comparison of factorials, Split Plot and Strip Plot Designs is also added. Similarly, extension of Basic Designs, Confounding, Analysis of Covariance, SAS system for data analysis is a new introduction. One unique chapter which was a long pending demand of students/ researchers in dealing with problem data is also included. ><>< This book is useful for the post graduate students of agricultural and allied sciences as well as suitable for data analysis and interpretations of their experiments. This is equally beneficial for the researcher engaged in conducting experiment for the proper planning, layout, analysis and interpretations of the research outputs.