How To Play Fantasy Football (English Edition) por Huseyin Aksu

April 7, 2020

How To Play Fantasy Football (English Edition) por Huseyin Aksu
Titulo del libro : How To Play Fantasy Football (English Edition)
Autor : Huseyin Aksu
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 22, 2018
Número de páginas : 156

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How to Play Fantasy Football is the definitive guide on all things fantasy football. Huseyin Aksu, fantasy football expert and founder of (one of the leading fantasy sports advice websites in the world), takes you through the detailed process on how to draft, how to structure your team and eventually win in this beloved game played by 59.3 million people each year.

In the book we cover the following topics in-depth:

1. What is Fantasy Football
2. Knowing the Rules & Scoring of Fantasy Football
3. How to Prepare for Your Draft
4. How to Practice with Mock Drafting
5. Learn Unique Drafting Strategies To Give You An Edge
6. How to Utilize Rankings
7. Understanding What Sleepers & Busts Are
8. The Power of the Top 300 List
9. What to do on Draft Day
10. The Top Ten Draft Day Mistakes You Must Avoid
11. How To Construct Your Team
12. The Importance of Getting a Running Back Stud
13. Using the Depth Charts
14. How to Become A Waiver Wire Guru
15. The Art of Trading
16. What to Do If You Make The Playoffs
17. How to Establish The Mindset of a Winner
18. Bonuses:

  • More Advanced Strategies
  • Being A Commissioner
  • The Future of Fantasy Sports