James Taylor: Cut Short (English Edition) por James Taylor

February 25, 2020

James Taylor: Cut Short (English Edition) por James Taylor
Titulo del libro : James Taylor: Cut Short (English Edition)
Autor : James Taylor
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 30, 2018
Número de páginas : 224
Editor : White Owl

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James Taylor has an amazing story to tell, from battling through the junior ranks where he faced constant negativity about his height: to the pinnacle of his career as one of England’s top batsmen and elders in international cricket.

Tragically, his career was cut short due to a serious heart condition which forced him to retire in 2016 at the age of 26. In his book, James will discuss his journey from a cricket loving boy to the international superstar he became.

Revealing the inside story of his heart condition – how it affected him personally and how he rebuilt his life and used his experience to help others.

James’s book will appeal not only to cricket fans, but also a wider audience as he tells his inspiring story of overcoming adversity.