Game Engine Gems 3 por Eric Lengyel

February 26, 2020

Game Engine Gems 3 por Eric Lengyel
Titulo del libro : Game Engine Gems 3
Autor : Eric Lengyel

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This book, the third volume in the popular Game Engine Gems series, contains 22 new chapters that concisely present particular techniques, describe clever tricks, or offer practical advice within the subject of game engine development. Each chapter is filled with the expert knowledge and wisdom of seasoned professionals from both industry and academia.The book is divided into four broad categories pertaining to game engine development:Graphics and renderingPhysicsGeneral programmingCharacter control and artificial intelligenceThere is also a companion website,, where updates and supplementary materials are posted. Many chapters offer downloadable source code, demos, and examples.Covering the latest developments and continuing to provide practical methods and tips for game engine development, Game Engine Gems 3 is indeed a new gem in the series. Not only does it aid professionals in their work, but it also shows students and others interested in game development how the pros tackle specific problems that arise during game engine development.