Chima Swedish English Dictionary (Swedish Edition) por Folkets Lexikon

December 14, 2019

Chima Swedish English Dictionary (Swedish Edition) por Folkets Lexikon
Titulo del libro : Chima Swedish English Dictionary (Swedish Edition)
Autor : Folkets Lexikon
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 22, 2016

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Best Swedish English Dictionary on Kindle
Source of this dictionary is from Folkets Lexikon ( which has 37282 entries.
Following features would be extremely helpful to Swedish language learners.

1. Pronunciations
2. Type
3. Defination
4. Explanation
5. Idiom
6. Exmaple
7. Inflection support
8. Synonyms
9. Multiple hit (ex. "var" can have at least 2 result, "vara" and "var")


Usually Swedish dictionary on kindle has a common problem which is inflection, while Chima Swedish English Dictionary is able to to handle it perfectly, which means that people can look up all nouns with plural, verbs in different tense, etc. I would say that it will be your best Swedish English Dictionary ever on Kindle.

For example:

himmel as a noun, it has many inflections as following

relatera as a verb, it has even more inflections as following:

I will keep improve this dictionary, please comment, if you have any suggestion, or there is any mistake.

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