Just For You (English Edition) por Laura Lockington

March 30, 2020

Just For You (English Edition) por Laura Lockington
Titulo del libro : Just For You (English Edition)
Autor : Laura Lockington
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 2, 2014
Número de páginas : 112
Editor : Endeavour Media

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Nina, Poppy and Hannah are all neighbours in Fitzherbert Villas, Brighton.

Poppy is married and Nina lives with her boyfriend Chris, but Hannah is still single.

And all three of them are attracted to their gorgeous delivery man, Troy.

Poppy is missing that spark of excitement when you meet someone new, and Nina has been questioning her relationship for a while.

So when Troy turns up at both of their doorsteps things start to get complicated…

Hannah spies on their clandestine meetings and starts to get furious.

She has worked hard to get her figure in shape, and she knows she looks good. She is the only one still single. So why hasn’t Troy picked her?

Hannah decides to take matters in her own hands in an attempt to win her man…

Can Poppy and Nina work out their relationship issues?

Will Hannah win the attention of Troy?

Or will her attempts to expose everyone’s secrets cause chaos in the neighbourhood…

'Just For You' is a sparkling, witty romance that will touch a chord with every reader.

Praise for Laura Lockington:

`Like going to the most outrageous party and somehow avoiding the hangover. Pure pleasure.” Katie Fforde

“A laugh-out-loud foodie romance. Throw in the magic of Cornwall, beach picnics, a handsome TV chef and the eccentric inhabitants of Port Charles and I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down!” - Sarah Rayner, best-selling author of 'One Moment, One Morning'.

When she's not in the kitchen or mentally cataloguing the contents of her cupboards, Laura Lockington is a writer and playwright. She has co-written several plays for BBC Radio 4, including a comedy set in a beach hut. Her novels include ‘The Cornish Affair’, ‘Cupboard Love’, ‘Before and After’ and ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas Dinner?’.