THE ARTIST'S MODEL: CLAUDIA (Vol. 15) por Pierre LaFrere

January 24, 2020

THE ARTIST'S MODEL: CLAUDIA (Vol. 15) por Pierre LaFrere
Titulo del libro : THE ARTIST'S MODEL: CLAUDIA (Vol. 15)
Autor : Pierre LaFrere

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THE ARTIST MODEL is a series of erotic photographic collections, with pictures of a model taken by highly skilled professional photographers. While the pictures depict the female form fully nude, these books are meant for use by art professors, students, artists, and other admirers of the female body. These books will serve as outstanding references for most any artist working in most any medium.All photographs are tasteful and depict the natural beauty of the female figure. For those who value artistic photography of the nude, this series will be a welcome addition to their collection.THE ARTIST'S MODEL: CLAUDIA has many pictures of the model, all in different poses and positions.