Miedos y manías (Primeros Lectores) por Lluís Farré Estrada

December 13, 2019

Miedos y manías (Primeros Lectores) por Lluís Farré Estrada
Titulo del libro : Miedos y manías (Primeros Lectores)
Autor : Lluís Farré Estrada
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 15, 2011
Número de páginas : 48
ISBN : 9788483431566
Editor : Editorial Bambú

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Rita always hunched over and shuffled when she walked. And this was not because her shoes hurt
her feet, or because her winter coat was too heavy. No, not at all. What Rita carried on her back and
what weighed so much on her was a giant mountain of fears, anxiety and shame!
It?s hard to do things with so much weight on top of you.