Pictish Warrior AD 297-81 por Angus Konstam, Paul Wagner

December 16, 2019

Pictish Warrior AD 297-81 por Angus Konstam, Paul Wagner
Titulo del libro : Pictish Warrior AD 297-81
Autor : Angus Konstam, Paul Wagner
ISBN : 1841763462

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Pictish Warrior AD 297-841 The Pictish warrior was part of an identifiable and close-knit unit. This volume shows how, despite this, group cohesion does not seem to have been a military strong point and the emphasis for the warrior was on individual skill in single combat. Full description

Paul Wagner has had a life-long interest in Pictish and Caledonian culture, encompassing both social and military history. He has spent many years personally researching key aspects, from weaponry and tactics to art and social mores. A native of New South Wales, Australia, he is currently studying for a PhD in natural history. Wayne Reynolds was born in Leeds, UK, where he also attended art college. He has had a life-long passion for illustration, and since 1991 has worked as a professional artist. Wayne has provided illustrations for many gaming companies, creating figures, landscapes and interiors, as well as core characterisation. He is perhaps best known or his work on titles such as 2000AD, Slaine, and Judge Dredd. Wayne is a keen modeller and historical re-enactor.