Ski Well Simply por Ken Chaddock

April 10, 2020

Ski Well Simply por Ken Chaddock
Titulo del libro : Ski Well Simply
Autor : Ken Chaddock
ISBN : 1493762737

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Ski Well Simply describes in easy to understand terms a method for simple and effective skiing, complete with explanations and rationale for specific how-to's that underpin the method. Whether cruising gently on groomed pistes, plunging through deep powder, bouncing down moguls, or racing around gates, skiing well simply draws on a few select techniques and focuses that combine to produce competent, fun skiing in every situation. The method in Ski Well Simply derives from the author's ongoing quest for simple, effective skiing that is applicable anywhere on the mountain, in any condition, and at any age. It is distilled from years of all-mountain skiing, training with experts, ski racing, technical skiing, and instructing and coaching beginner through expert level skiers. It is the product of a professional engineer's mind being absorbed with seeking a simple solution to a complex and worthy problem. Ski Well Simply is the author's second book on ski technique, the earlier being How I Ski, published in four editions 2009 through 2012, and endorsed by world class athletes and coaches.

Author’s note: Ken is a dedicated skiing enthusiast since 1972, now approaching 3,000 days on our two behemoth hills here at Whistler Blackcomb, our revered ‘backyard’. I learned to ski as an adult, with my understanding of ski technique deepening significantly in recent years while I transitioned from my career as a professional engineer to a post-retirement phase in ski instructing. The freshness of my learning and my ongoing quest to ski better, and to help others ski better, keeps me focused on the essence of what enables great skiing. My inspiration is the on-hill freedom gained through better skiing, and the joy that people express when they experience new levels in their skiing. Come ski with me! For more information go to