Jason and the Golden Fleece: Mythology (Graphic Revolve) por Nel Yomtov

December 6, 2019

Jason and the Golden Fleece: Mythology (Graphic Revolve) por Nel Yomtov
Titulo del libro : Jason and the Golden Fleece: Mythology (Graphic Revolve)
Autor : Nel Yomtov

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Reseña del editor To claim his throne, Jason together with his Argonauts must fight Harpies, wild bulls, Scylla, a fierce monster, and cross Charybdis, a dangerous whirlpool, in order to capture the Golden Fleece and return it to his kingdom. Biografía del autor Nel Yomtov is a writer of children's nonfiction books and graphic novels. He specializes in writing about history, country studies, science, and biography. His graphic novel adaptation, Jason and the Golden Fleece, published by Stone Arch Books/Capstone was a winner of the 2009 Moonbeam Children's Book Award and the 2011 Lighthouse Literature Award. Nel is an avid American military history buff and has written two additional graphic novels for Capstone, True Stories of World War I and True Stories of the Civil War. He lives in the New York City area.Gerardo Sandoval is a professional comic book illustrator from Mexico. He has worked on many well-known comics including Tomb Raider books from Top Cow Production. He has also worked on designs for posters and card sets.Benny Fuentes lives in Villahermosa, Tabasco in Mexico, where the temperature is just as hot as the sauce. He studied graphic design in college, but now he works as a full-time colorist in the comic book and graphic novel industry for companies like Marvel, DC Comics, and Top Cow Productions. He shares his home with two crazy cats, Chelo and Kitty, who act like they own the place.