Star Theory por robert M Drake

February 24, 2020

Star Theory por robert M Drake
Titulo del libro : Star Theory
Autor : robert M Drake
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 28, 2018
Número de páginas : 148
ISBN : 0998629332
Editor : Vintage Wild

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Páginas: 272 Géneros: 12:DC:Poetry Sinopsis: This is something about self-expression&mdash,something they don ,t teach in school. Something that ,s very hard to learn on your own. This is something about putting yourself first because it ,s okay to love yourself before anyone else. This is something about doing what ,s best for you, no matter what people say, because only you know what you deserve. This is something about being real, being real to who you are and accepting things as they come and change. This is something about your mistakes, about your flaws, and about how beautiful it is to get up and try again. This is something about being you, about using your voice when you ,re afraid. About building enough courage when you feel like standing up to something you don ,t believe in, something that ,s wrong. This is about you, and every day should be about you, and that ,s something you should always consider._,